07 October 2011

My first finish...

Oh, yes... for the first time ever, I've finished an stitched project. It is cinderella and I started on it some years ago... This is a small picture but I like it. I have one other picture like this but with the princess in the pink dress, but I just can't find it now.... Just don't know what happened to it...

But here are some pictures of my princess... I like it but she looks a bit scary in the face... question if my daughter will have nightmares having it above her bed....

 I was so amazed with the difference when I put the outline stitches... I was just like ooohhh, aaahhh... all the time.... LOL

Like I said, she looks like a psycho...

Here is also a progress picture of my big picture... not much progress as I've been finishing off the princess.


  1. woohoo!! Congrats on your first finish.

  2. Well done on your first finish ,hope you soon have many more

  3. Cinderella came out beautiful! Isnt amazing that back stitching makes the pattern pop?

  4. Thank you all... yes it is amazing how the back stitching makes the pattern pop...

  5. Yay for a finish! I think she looks wonderful!

  6. Congrats on your first finish!