10 October 2011

Two more finishes... and...

I'm on fire these days....

Finished Sleeping Beauty the other day and I'm happy with most of her... I hate her face... just like Cinderella. I just can't make a beautiful face... 
But now I just have to frame them and put them on DD's wall.

When Sleeping beauty was finished I took up a teddy bear project that I started on about 6 or 7 years ago. I really love this picture and think it is the cutest thing ever...

Don't know what I will do to it... just wait for another baby to be born in my family or something....

And now the greatest news ever.... 
See the progress on my big picture:

Yes.... I'm ripping it all up now... I found an error in it and this is the second time that I have to rip it up.... I soooo want to cry... I still have all the black stitches left to rip up so I will be busy with that for some time.
But when I will start again I will grid the fabric so I won't get confused. I've ordered a pen that I can use to draw the grid with and just wash it off in the end. 
But I know that I  will be more satisfied with the picture if I rip it up rather then trying to "hide" it, because I will always know that it isn't right.


  1. Oh NO! I can't believe you had to rip all that work out! The Teddy Bears are adorable. I hope the gridding pen works at keeping the frogs away; just so long as they don't come visit me, lol.

  2. oh yes.. they are mean litle bastards....
    But I think I will be happier with the picture if I get it right.... that is IF I will ever get it right...

  3. cute finish. Those frogs sure stink.

  4. I just had to say they are lovely, both ladies:) Have you considered trying to do the faces over 1 instead of 2 (although that would only work with evenweave and not aida) as that would make the details finer. I have only done one lady, an Indian lady, and her face was done over 1, and I really liked the finished product. I have a pic of her in my folder on the CCS yahoo group if you wanna see. (Ylvas finished pix or something like that it is called) And apart from that I can only say keep up the good work:) Don't be afraid to make changes that suit you, when it comes to colors and details:) hugs, Ylva

  5. Your princess loos great and the bears are cute, thinking pillow. Can't wait to see more of the big picture. I've had ripping issues this week as well.

  6. Congrats on your finish. The teddies are adorable.

  7. Congrats on your finishes, I think faces are sooooo hard to get right, so much so that I tend to put in less detail than the pattern asks for. Most of the time it works but others it looks just as bad lol

  8. Lovely work! Can't wait to see more!

    - Lisa N. in Cambodia